The ideas behind my pieces:

Copper Clock: It is a big sculpture and symbolizes time. The balls move ,some fast and some slow and one will even look like it stops but in the world off physics nothing stops only slows down sometimes.

Copper Dice: It is a slow moving sculpture that symbolizes fun times and inspired by a solid copper dice I made a few years ago. A ball will enter in the dice and stay in until another ball goes in later and then both will role out together symbolizing doubling youre bet, the cards on top tells you as well.

Copper Fish: For many years I have had fish tanks and koi ponds. Quite a few years after I stopped the aquatic hobby I was looking at my brothers huge marine fish tank and thought it would be nice to make a sculpture. Copper Fish is a fast moving sculpture nearly chaotic, the swirls and movement off the balls symbolize the sound and constant flow off water.

Poison ivy: I wanted to make something a bit  more simple ,using the bigger balls it would cause a slite vibration and movement with the leaves.

Copper Critters: Insects are machine like creatures and fascinating. When I made copper critters I had to make two insects. I had a daddy long leg sitting on my copper plate and every time I needed a piece off copper I had to work around this spider as it got bigger and bigger. The dragon fly is my favourite insect so I made the wingspan offthe dragon fly the same as the Meganeuropsis, a ancient genus off the griffinfly and represents the biggest known insect off all time. It lived about 200 to 300 million years ago.

The run part off the sculpture is what brings it all together to give it movement.  


The Materials : I use copper wire, copper pipe and copper plate mostly. I have use Red Gum wood for the base on Copper Dice and Copper Fish   copper pipe frame for Copper Clock. I used white Gum for Copper Critters as the base.

I use Tin solder on the copper which is non toxic. The motors I use to drive the spirals are geared 12 volt or geared 6 volt motors which are powerful but turn at a slow rate. I use high grade stainless steel ball bearings on the spiral as well.

The most difficult thing to find are good quality marbles because the more round they are the more reliable they are, from a bag off 30 marbles only half can be used because the sizes are not consistent or they are not round enough which causes them to run to slow or to fast or to jump off the track.

After the sculpture is complete it would have been cleaned and then sprayed with 3 cotes off  clear lacquer to stop the copper from oxidising and loosing the typical red shades off copper. 

Maintenance: No chemicals or lubricants must ever be used on the sculptures because it would affect the role off the marbles. The recommended way to clean is to use a soft paint brush and give it a occasionally brush if needed.

Most common asked questions: where do you get youre ideas from?  For me its just the fact that you can take a piece off metal and manipulate and shape it into something that gives it a life off its own.